Recap, Part 3
Anyway, around the time I was finishing up the first issue of the Ex Machina Special, a woman Xan worked with who had heard about the loss of our little guy offered us a kitten from the impending litter of one of her many cats. We discussed it…Max was irreplaceable, but we sure missed having a cat around the house. We decided we’d be ready by the time the kittens in the litter were ready for adoption, sometime near the end of May or the beginning of June.

Xan’s birthday came in April, much to her dismay…We tried to make the best of it, getting away for a weekend by ourselves in Chicago, doing geeky things(record store shopping, museum hopping) and eating great food(Papa Milano’s).

As the end of May approached, we were both getting pretty anxious for the new kitten…
More soon,


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