Comics News

Here’s the pencil art for the cover of The Midnighter #3…

…and you can click HERE to see a 3-page preview of The Midnighter #1 over at the comics news website They’ve posted the pages out of order, but you can get a sense of what the color work on the book will look like. You can also download a PDF version of the preview, complete with the cover(which they appear to have switched back to the original one I drew) by clicking HERE.

If you care, and frequent comic book shops, here’s a tentative release schedule for upcoming projects of mine:

-Tom Strong Hardcover Collection #6 – Sept. 27

-Worldstorm – Oct. 11 (contains a Midnighter pinup)

-Justice League Of America #3 – Nov. 1 (did a Superman cover for this)

-The Midnighter #1 – Nov. 1

-The Midnighter #2 – Dec. 6



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