The big news for me this week was that I finally had to get glasses. About two years ago I noticed I couldn’t focus easily anymore on 3-D objects after long stretches of drawing, and it just kept getting worse. Additionally, I was getting frequent headaches and having to hold items I was reading out to a distance of about two feet to see them clearly. Time for glasses. Oh, well…the specs came in today, and I’ve been trying to get used to them all day…


P.S. Received my comp copies of Midnighter #5 today, so that means it should be in stores this week or next. Possibly the best looking one so far–in color. Issue #2 is still my favorite in black & white.

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  1. Man! You’re kind of shameless! And let’s hope the pages continue to look good after this–or at least not star sucking–it’s been strange drawing today! Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be used to the glasses.

  2. Hey, bro I got glasses last year. Trouble reading fine print, don’t cha know…I only wear them occasionally (knocking furiously on wood)!The kids get a kick out of Dad when I do wear them! Lil buggers…

  3. Hey, Neil-I just re-read my first reply to your comment (saying you were shameless) and it seems a little harsh just sitting there on the screen. I intended no harshness! It was actually supposed to be a little “A shucks”-like, a little false modesty. My apologies.

  4. Absolutely no harm or foul, Chris. I knew the spirit of what you meant. Perhaps my comment was shameless. Hey, when I like a particular creator I’m extremely loyal and ultra supportive. Hopefully that doesn’t come across as butt-smooching. If it does though, don’t hate me because I’m shameless! 🙂

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