So since I have had glasses since the age of 13, I am trying to assure Chris that all will be right with the world and his eyes soon. New glasses are always hard. You either feel much taller or much shorter, and the sharpness of the world practically stabs you. Hopefully, he will adjust nicely. I am adjusting nicely to his glasses…I think he is super cute in them!

Due to illness, injury, and ice, I have nothing to talk about lately. So I guess I will go now…

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  1. I don’t know from Chris being super cute (sorry dude, I’m hetero), but I can vouch for the fact that you look mighty studious and quite a bit smarter! j/k 😉

  2. Oh I was just joshin’ Xan, so no worries. I realize Chris is quite insatiable, but he’s all yours ma’am. I’ll stick with his art, thank you very much. 😉

  3. i know you’re kidding, neil, since you aren’t one of ths girls that makes me growl by flirting with chris at conventions! 🙂 i just like to talk about chris’ hotness whenever possible.

  4. Wow, female comic book groupies at conventions! That’s a topic I haven’t thought of in awhile. A female friend of mine once told me that when she went to Adam Hughes table (this was years ago mind you) he had some piece of eye candy who must have been his girlfriend at the time, hanging around. My friend said that this woman would give evil “stink-eye” stares to any woman who appeared to be flirting with “her man”!Now Chris is your husband so I can completely understand the jealousy, but let’s just hope it never becomes a green-eyed monster of female rage! 🙂

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