Number Of The Beast Is Finally Here!

With a cover like this, you just know Karl and I are going to Hell…

Issue #1 is on sale NOW at a comic shop near you. Go buy it! Feel free to buy one of the ones with the alternate cover as well! Issue #2 will hit the stands in two weeks–yes, two weeks! Better get back to work…


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  1. Hey Chris,NotB #1 looks amazing.I was really digging those Paladin model sheets, and I was wondering if you did any for the pre-existing WildStorm characters? If so, any chance we could take a peek?Thanks,-J.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, everybody. As for the character designs, I only did the new characters. I drew 29 “model sheets,” covering The Paladins and several villains plus some misc. items used in the series. Beginning with issue #2 a few model sheets will be published in the back of the book each time. Whichever ones don’t make the book I’ll show here on the blog(at this point I don’t know who’s in or who’s out past #2 so I can’t start showing them yet).–C

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