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Haven’t posted in a little while, so here’s an update on what’s going on with us:

I can finally announce a couple of the things I’ve been working on since Number Of The Beast. My first post-NOTB work was a two-part story featuring the character Deathblow, basically showing a little of the events leading up to and just after the NOTB storyline. The story will be published as back-up stories in two upcoming Wildstorm books–I’ll post the exact titles and issues as soon as I know what they are. The next project I was scheduled to do I can reveal now because it fell through! I was supposed to do some work on Superman with new Superman writer James Robinson, but the storyline I was supposed to draw was shelved by the powers-that-be. I did do one cover which may or may not see print–it’s the image at the top of this post, and it is currently my best rendition of the Man of Steel ever, in my own opinion(I can’t stand the way I’ve drawn him almost every other time I’ve had to–he just never looked like the “real” Superman to me until this drawing). Supposedly I’ll be doing some more covers for the Superman books soon. The third project in the works will have to wait until I get the go-ahead to talk about it, but trust me–it’ll make a lot of people very happy, but no one will be more pleased than I am to be drawing it! Stay tuned!

I’ve also been hard at work on the commissions solicited in the last post on this blog. They’ll be finished soon and I’ll let everyone who is owed a drawing know when they’re ready to be mailed out so we can arrange everything. If I choose to do another round(which I probably will–these are going pretty well), I’ll announce it here first! Thanks to everyone who wrote in expressing interest.

Not that I have any spare time, but whenever I can I’ve been working with Perhapanauts and Tellos writer Todd Dezago on my Modern Masters book. It’s been weird but kind of fun to relive some of this stuff in the re-telling, and even more amusing seeing all of my old pre-professional stuff that I just dug out of boxes in the basement. A lot of this work will probably make it in the book, so look out!

On the personal front, now that the nearly year-long marathon that was Number Of The Beast is over(it was a blast to do and I was happy with the results, but it was really hard work!), Xan and I have been enjoying lots of time together again. There was the Wisconsin trip I’ve already written about, and we just bought a new car, a little Honda Fit–a great little car, our first new one together. We can’t get enough of it, so we’ve been making up reasons to go on road trip
s, just cruising around listening to music like we were teenagers! We have a few concert-related road trips scheduled for the next couple of months–Nick Lowe, Billy Bragg, and we’ll be seeing Joe Jackson again when he comes to Columbus. Xan bought me a brand new digital camera for my birthday, so our photos from these shows will be quite a bit better than the last concert pics I posted.

Xan’s had some solo fun lately, too. She and my sister Megan, metal-heads that they are, hit a Motley Crue show a couple of weeks ago. Xan also saw Alice Cooper here in Columbus last week. As for work, she’s been heading into the office a few times each week to train and generally be on-hand to advise new-hires, then returning home to find me and the little girl feeling clingy.

That’s it for now! I’ll have more soon!

My favorite panel from the Deathblow story I just finished



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  1. that is a WONDERFUL superman, sir. it surprises me, come to think of it, that you haven’t done more superman since the templates, body-wise, between him and tom strong would not be too far off. 🙂

  2. It’s a shame about you not doing Superman.A project i would enjoy seeing you on is Brave and the Bold with JMS. His fantastic Babylon 5 storytelling mixed with your exquisite visuals would be a great match.

  3. one for me?awwwww shucks! we COULD be heroes…but I’ll be in row “O”…One of these days I’ll hit you up for some of those tracks. Now get back to those commissions!And let’s get some diner this month.oh, and Supes looks great.

  4. Whew, that’d be a surefire way to get me to start picking up Superman again. Even if it was just covers. It’s a very iconic take on him, and he looks great.By the way, are you going to be at Mid-Ohio Con at all?

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