Fall Mix
It’s just about October, and it’s a crazy week this week, so I thought I’d better post something while I have a moment.

First up, our anniversary is later this week. Hard to believe it’s been six years since we said “I do” in the cute little Columbus Wedding Chapel! We had a party/reception with our friends and family a month later, but the ceremony itself was just the two of us together on a beautiful Fall afternoon.

Next up, the Mid-Ohio-Con is this weekend, so I’m scrambling to get ready for that, getting art supplies and organizing my original art pile while trying to do my day job. I’m also trying to not think about the fact that I’m scheduled to draw onstage first thing in the morning on Saturday at the convention…anyone who knows me well knows that “first thing in the morning” and “onstage” are not two of my favorite things…Not that I mind doing anything I can to help out the Con, I just have terrible stage fright and am–er–not at my best early in the day! Oh, well…I’m not certain yet, but I think I’ll have a table or booth, so drop by and say “hi” and browse through my art(which will all be for sale), talk comics, and take a look at my upcoming work(you won’t see it anywhere else for a while).

If you’re one of the people who were on my commission list and you plan to attend Mid-Ohio-Con, I’ll be bringing the finished pieces with me to the convention and you can pick them up at my table. I’ll mail the remaining commissioned pieces out after the show. Hope everyone likes the final results.

See some of you this weekend!


I do in fact have a table assigned to me for Mid-Ohio-Con: I’ll be at booth #734 near the back wall of the room.

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  1. I’m really excited for this weekend! It’ll be my first time with a table at a convention.Is there any way you could bring a script from a Tom Strong issue with you? I’ve heard all sorts of things about Alan’s scripts, and I’d like to see one for myself. Also a script from NoTB would be really cool too.

  2. I’ll definitely bring along a Tom Strong script by Alan, and I’ll probably have another script on hand you can examine. I’m always asked about the scripts and I’ve consistently forgotten to bring some to shows. Not this time! Also, I just received all my Number Of The Beast artwork from Karl Story, so come by and check the pages out in person. See you there!

  3. Rock on Big-shot! Andy and I are on the main stage at the end of Sunday. As always, you’re the first and we’re the last…I quite enjoy bringing up the rear…AND we have guest booths just like you, so take that!!!Gonna need a drawing from you as a favor to a friend, if you don’t mind… Pretty pretty please? I’ll trade you 3 extra Hitchcock tickets…

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