Superman #683

The next of my Superman covers (Superman #683) hits comic shops this week–Friday, I think…Above is the final piece with colors once again by Laura Martin. Below you’ll find a jpeg of the pencil art. What you’ll also find below is a photo from exactly three years ago–New Year’s Eve 2005, about this very time of night. Xan snapped it a few minutes after I finished what I thought would be my very last Tom Strong drawing ever, the final page of Tom Strong #36–a full-page shot of the Strong family waving to their fans and supporters. A weird night–the rest of the country was gearing up for celebration, but I was feeling a strange mix of the relief I always feel when finishing a job and utter sadness over the end of Tom Strong and my cat Max’s failing health. Like I said, weird night. Now on the last night of 2008, things are looking a little more upbeat…as I type these words, I have a cute little tortoise-shell two-year old cat on my lap and hope to soon have some Tom Strong news to report. Stay tuned! Hope everyone’s new year gets off to a good start!