Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom

Finally! I can now talk about what I’ve been working on since finishing Number of the Beast and that still unpublished Deathblow story! DC/Wildstorm at long last announced that Peter Hogan and I are working on a new Tom Strong limited series, Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom. Click HERE to be taken to a little news story announcing the project. The plan is to do more of these mini-series if this first one is successful, so that Tom Strong can live on–Hellboy-style–as an ongoing series of self-contained mini-series. Robots of Doom is well underway (we’re at the half-way point), and since the first issue won’t be solicited until I’m 90% finished with the entire series(according to editor Ben Abernathy), every issue will ship on time.

I cannot adequately express how excited I am to be working on Tom Strong again! I’m loving it and I’m giving it my all. I’ll start showing off some art from the series soon.

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  1. fantastic news! i’ve missed the big galoot so. šŸ™‚ and i hope steve moore could do a series too, i always enjoyed his young tom strong stories.

  2. Thanks, everybody, for the enthusiastic responses! As for bringing art to Toronto, Kyle, I’ll have photocopies of at least the first 3 complete issues and all 6 covers, plus copies of the inks for the first issue and possibly some unfinished abandoned original pages from the project. I’ll start posting art here soon, but I want to make sure DC/Wildstorm won’t ask me to take it down first, as they did with the Number of the Beast character designs when I began posting them.–C

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