More Surprises Today!
I didn’t get my complimentary copies of the “After Watchmen What’s Next?” version of Tom Strong #1 today, so Xan and I ran out to the local comic shop (The Laughing Ogre) and grabbed a couple of copies. Buried in the middle of the reprint of the first issue of Tom Strong was the following advertisement(click on the image for a larger version of the picture, or better yet, go out and buy the AWWN? Tom Strong #1 to see the actual ad because my scan is kind of crappy):

This was almost as unexpected and exciting as the box of Modern Masters books from earlier today! Maybe news about the Ocean film is next…

I’m thinking my next blog will be about how impatient I am to find a million bucks in my mailbox…


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  1. Hey, Chris.Not only do your parents have exquisite taste in names, but your art is bloody fantastic too. I've been a big fan for years.keep up the good work,Chris Weston!

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