Mid-Ohio Con

It’s time for Mid-Ohio Con again! I’ll be a guest at Ohio’s biggest and longest-running (29 years!) comic convention this upcoming weekend. The con is at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus on October 3rd and 4th. Click HERE for more info. I’ll be there all day both days, signing comic books, drawing sketches and selling original artwork. This year I’ll also have one of those little sketchbook thingies full of character designs, layouts and previously unpublished pencil and ink drawings from throughout my career (below is the sketchbook’s cover, the original unpublished/unaltered version of my Modern Masters cover art). Come by and say “hi!” and browse and shop. There are plenty of really good guests this year, everyone from comics legend Dick Ayers to guys whose work I grew up reading like Marv Wolfman, Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, and Mike Grell . Michael Golden, P. Craig Russell, Ron Frenz and Barry Kitson will also be there, along with local creators Sean McKeever, Darryl Banks, Dave Aikins and Andy Bennett. Throw in a few Hollywood genre actors from Star Wars and Heroes and it sounds like a good time! See you there!

The 2009 Sketchbooks are now up for sale on the art sales blog!



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