Thanksgiving Weekend 2009
We’re having another relaxing Thanksgiving this year, compared to most I’ve had since moving to Ohio. Up until a few years ago, Mid-Ohio Con was always held on Thanksgiving weekend and I had to scramble to get work done before the show, while Xan had to face the retail nightmare of Black Friday. Now we can take it slow like normal human beings and find time to do things like blog and eat and sleep…

Anyway, it was recently announced that I’m working on some short stories for the new DC/Wildstorm comic mini-series The Human Target, so I suppose it’s now okay to talk about that and share some artwork. The series is based on the upcoming Fox TV series of the same name, which is in fact based on an old DC comic(!). It’s an action/adventure show with a pretty decent cast and crew, many from past movies and TV series I’ve enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to it. HERE’s a link to some preview videos for the series. The stories I’m working on are written by Peter Johnson, an executive producer on the TV show, and they’re really quite good, full of all kinds of Steranko-inspired or Eisner-esque action sequences. I’m enjoying myself, but they’re challenging scripts! As a side note, I’ve posted the model sheet I did for the main character on the art sales site, so you can have a peek at it. I should mention before anyone starts criticizing my likeness of the actor that on many licensed projects, comic artists are often told to not get too close yet retain the basic look of the actor–I’m sure it’s some legal thing–and this was one of those projects.

Have a good holiday!

Above: a panel from my second Human Target short story



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  1. Hi Chris; I'm the guy who will draw most of the pages in Human Target, and I almost did a party when I knew that the Back-Up story pages were made by you! I'm a big fan of your work, and its great to have the name in the same tittle. I love Sean Phillips work too, so I feel in really good company in this work. Hope to keep watching your version of this new Christopher Chance!

  2. I was looking through my site stats and saw you had linked to one of my sites – Target419… which is very cool to me since there have been many times where I've bought comics specifically because I loved your artwork (Starting with Legionnaires, then later with Tom Strong, the Wildstorm stuff, Supreme, and even the few issues of New Men that you had done). I'll be sure to give your Human Target comics special mention as they come closer… but thanks!

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