Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #2 Cover Art

The cover for Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #2 was revealed today on the
official Wildstorm blog. The fully colored version is above, while my pencil art can be seen below. It’s nice to finally be getting some of this stuff out there! Meanwhile, the official DC Comics blog let the cat out of the bag on another job of mine: I’ll be doing a variant cover for the first issue of Time Masters: Vanishing Point, a mini-series out in July that ties in to Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne.

In stores this week: issue #3 of the Human Target comic (featuring a five page short story I drew) and the second volume of the Tom Strong deluxe collection.

I also wanted to let people know about a few store appearances and conventions I’ll be doing in the near future:
May 1 – I’ll be signing at Packrat Comics in Hilliard, Ohio for Free Comic Book Day, from 10AM onwards. I’m looking forward to meeting Nicholas Brendon (the actor who played Xander on Buffy), who’ll also be there!
May 12Challengers Comics in Chicago will be having me in for a signing on the day Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 is released, 5PM-8PM (but I’ll probably be there earlier than that).
June 2The Laughing Ogre comic shop in Columbus, OH will be hosting me for a signing of Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1, out that very day.
June 5-6 – Looks like I’ll be returning to the Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation Event (provided my new passport arrives in time!). I will try my best to have a new sketchbook out in time for some of these events, but my schedule is insanely tight right now, so we’ll have to wait and see!



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  1. I've always used myself as reference when drawing figures and faces, either by shooting photos or looking in a mirror while trying to hold a pose and drawing at the same time. Using other people as models is too time consuming and impractical, so that's why i usually just use myself! I also do as much research as possible while working, and my table is often covered in photos and clippings of objects, costumes and locations I'll need for any given story. –C

  2. Thanks for those details…And for the women?Is it you too?(lol)Are you first realizing your drawing and after your picture, please ? What are you doing for the blacks and whites?With artificial light?Thank you!Regards! HervĂ©

  3. Herve,I use myself for a model when I need help drawing any human being, no matter what ethnicity or gender. I don't need to set up the exact lighting or worry about costume details or matching the look of the character with the perfect model because I'm just using photography (or using myself as a model) to solve problems with anatomy or add accuracy when drawing real-life objects or locations. All the photos in the world still won't substitute for really being able to draw. And to answer your other question, I draw small thumbnail sketches first, then shoot reference photos if necessary, then start drawing my layouts. I detailed the whole process in the Modern Masters book on me and a year or two ago here on this blog (check the older posts). Thanks!–C

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