This is embarrassing…apparently Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 is not shipping this week after all. I’m not sure why–this book has been finished for literally one year at this point. I am seriously bummed. We did this series so far in advance so that no issues would ship late, and the first issue is shipping late anyway.

My signing at the Laughing Ogre in Columbus, OH scheduled for whatever day new comics are coming out is therefore postponed until I have a new book to sign. I’ll post here when I know both when the book will finally be in your local comic shop and when I’ll be signing it here in Columbus.

Please disregard everything in the previous post except for the stuff about Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne # 1 selling out. Hey, at least something went right this week…


Update: Less Than One Week to Go Until Robots of Doom!

Just a little something I put together w/images from all six issues of the mini-series…

This has been a crazy and busy month, and June looks to be more of the same, so I thought I’d quickly post an update while I can! As the title of this thread says, less than a week to go until Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom hits stores…

I’ll be at the Laughing Ogre comic shop in Columbus, OH on June 2nd or 3rd (depending on which day new comics hit) signing the book when it comes out, from 11AM-1:30 or 2:00PM, then back for more around 4PM until whenever. I’ll bring some sketchbooks and some free giveaways and photocopies of the rest of the series to show.

Then, that very weekend (June 5-6), Xan and I will be heading up to Canada for the Toronto Comicon Fan Appreciation Event.

In November, I’ll be back at Mid-Ohio Con here in Columbus, for at least my sixteenth or seventeenth appearance (I’ve lost count).

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 news: my editors on this bat-book have informed me that this comic has completely sold out (you can still find some copies at stores, but the distributor is all out) in the two weeks since its publication and is going back to press for a second printing! Also, DC just announced action figures based on the various versions of Batman from the series–see below for a photo of Caveman Batman (based on Andy Kubert’s original character design, not my interpretation of his design…oh, well…).

As for upcoming work, my final Human Target short story in Human Target #5 will be on sale June 9th, and those WildC.A.T.S. and Authority covers are coming soon (I hope), as is the third Tom Strong deluxe collection. I’ll post on-sale dates when I have them.


Podcasts & Other Interviews!

While signing a couple of hundred copies of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 at Challengers Comics in Chicago last week, I was interviewed three times! Two were audio interviews for podcasts and one was for Comicbookresources.com. I’ll provide links below, updating them as they’re posted–only two are up so far. You can right click and save the podcasts to your computer as mp3 files you can transfer to your mp3 player, or click normally to have the podcasts play in your internet browser.

The Legion of Substitute Podcasters (Hear me being edgy and nervous at the beginning of the signing, talking to Matt Kramer about the Legion of Super-Heroes and my time on Legionnaires!)

Comicbookresources.com (Kiel Phegley interviews me early on in the day about my previous and current Bat-work. Be warned: I commit egregious crimes against grammar and the English language in general, due mainly to my anxiety about the impending signing and over-caffeination! Not for English teachers or the faint of heart!)

The Word Balloon Podcast


Recent Road Trip Photo Gallery
Planet Comicon – Kansas City, KS

Xan meets Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go’s

Jane Wiedlin’s panel, with Tone Rodriguez,
Bill Morrison and Tony Fleecs
promoting Lady Robotika, a new comic about
a character based on Jane herself

Steve Scott, Renee Witterstaetter, Michael
Golden and Joe Jusko in Artists Alley

Jeff Moy!

Phil Noto!

Patricia and Herb Trimpe!

Jai Nitz stops by my table

Xan is VERY happy with her newest sketch,
courtesy of Michael Golden!
Much thanks to
Renee for helping us with this and for taking
he photo.

Xan and Renee at the post-show dinner
(another photo courtesy of Renee)

Joe Jusko and Don Rosa at Sunday’s
post-show meatfest–er, dinner!

Free Comic Book Day at Packrat Comics – Hilliard, OH

Lots more kids in attendance than I’ve seen
Hope for the future of comics!

Xan’s old friend Nebbie behind the counter

Our new friend Matt hangs out with Xan
in the artists alley room,
probably talking about
Batman villains…

Matt gets a sketch of a Tom Strong villain from me

Return of Bruce Wayne Signing at Challengers Comics – Chicago, IL

The impressive Challengers Comics storefront,
decorated for the day–a big surprise for me!

Sketching and signing, as usual…
Thank goodness the book shipped on time!

Xan and I after the signing. I’m ready to crash
hard at this point!


More Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom Press: An Interview with Writer Peter Hogan
Comicbookresources.com has posted an interview with Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom writer Peter Hogan! Click HERE to read it, and see below for some more preview pencil art...

Also: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 has a Robots of Doom preview in the back featuring the cover and the preview pages I linked to earlier this month. Kind of cool and surprising to find the preview there when I finally saw the Batman comic a couple of days ago!


Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #3 Cover Art

The official Wildstorm blog has posted the cover for Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom in color, so I’m posting it here! You can scroll down for a look at the pencil art. Issue #1 will hit stores June 2nd.

As noted on this blog many times recently, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 is out this week. I’m in Chicago right now for a signing tomorrow at Challengers Comics. I’ve been assured by my editor on the book that the comic is in fact arriving on time…I sure hope so–it’ll be pretty embarrassing if I’m sitting there with nothing to sign!


Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 and Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 Previews Up

Both DC Comics.com and Newsarama.com have posted previews of the lettered and colored first four pages of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 (plus all the variant covers with logos). Click HERE for the DC preview (higher-res images) or HERE to see it at Newsarama (launch the image viewer when you get there). This is the first time I’ve seen it all together myself–the color art composited with the lettering–and it has me even more excited for next Wednesday when everyone gets to see the finished book!

Also–forgot to mention yesterday that there’s a small Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #1 preview downloadable PDF file over at the official Wildstorm site. Click HERE for that (you can right-click on the word HERE and save the file to your desktop if you want or just click normally to view it on your computer).


Update: Other websites are posting the preview, such as Comicbookresources.com. Even Wired.com is getting in on the act! This could get interesting…

Weird (but Fun!) Night Out
I’ve been pretty much posting only work-related stuff for a while now, so to prove that I do occasionally get out of the house for fun, here are some photos from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live show Xan and I attended tonight:

Show creator and voice actor
Dave Willis with a puppet of the
character Carl
from Aqua Teen
Hunger Force

Dana Snyder and Dave Willis
with Master Shake and Meatwad

Dana Snyder also voices the character
Granny on the Squidbillies series,
and he pulled me out of the audience
to read from Granny’s recipe book while
Granny…well…the less said about what
she did to/with my shoulder the better…

Xan poses with Dave and Dana
after the show


Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Interview

Newsarama.com just put up an interview I did with writer Vaneta Rogers about the upcoming (May 12!) Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1. Click HERE to read it.

I spent all day Saturday signing/sketching at local comic shop Packrat Comics for Free Comic Book Day. The day was a huge success for the shop and gave me a chance to see a bunch of friends and chat with fans. I brought along a color print-out of the entire Bruce Wayne issue to show off, and it seemed to get a pretty good response, so I’m hopeful it’ll do well when it’s released next week.