Peter Hogan Interview
Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #5 will be published in a few weeks, but in the meantime, here are a few items of interest to Tom Strong fans:

First, click HERE to read a great interview with Robots of Doom writer Peter Hogan. Peter’s entire career is covered, including his time in publishing, music journalism and comics. It’s a fun and informative read and was full of surprises for me (such as Peter’s association with various people and bands I’ve followed for years).

Second, see below for a sneak preview of some art from Robots of Doom #5. This is the big battle issue, with Tom Strong, Dr. Permafrost and the lava people (the Salamanders) vs. the maniacal Albrecht and his army of Dero robots. Lots of cool imagery in this one, beginning with the splash page below, reproduced from the pencil art.

…and third, since I announced it to a crowd at the Toronto Fan Expo in a panel overseen by DC Comics honcho Dan Didio (urged to do so by Dan, actually), I suppose it’s okay for me to reveal here that Peter and I have begun work on a new Tom Strong mini-series entitled Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril. Since we’re just starting, I have no info yet on when it will be released.



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  1. great news that you are doing more Tom Strong stuff. I am enjoying the new series but I hope that you can get more family interaction into the next series. Tom's relationship with his wife and daughter were a big part of what I really enjoyed about the original run.

  2. Thanks, Michael. If you want family interaction, then you may like Robots of Doom issue #6 quite a bit–lots and lots of family stuff and great character moments, including a couple of doozies! –C

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