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We’re preparing to leave for England right now–I’ll try to post some photos from the trip while we’re there. In the meantime, I thought I’d post a link for anyone who ever wanted to see one of Alan Moore’s scripts. A friend from Italy who goes by the name Smoky Man has a website devoted to Alan’s work. Today Smoky Man posted a piece on Judgment Day, a crossover mini-series Alan wrote for Rob Liefield’s universe of comics. My first work with Alan writing was a few pages I drew for one of the Judgment Day issues. I also drew a little six-page comic called the Judgment Day Sourcebook which was a freebie bundled in with an issue of Wizard magazine in the mid-1990’s. I provided scans of Alan’s Judgment Day script pages to Smoky Man, who also owns the entire set of layouts for the Sourcebook, and he has all of these things up at Alan Moore World for everyone to see. Enjoy!


Note: for everyone asking about the possibility of me doing sketches at the Forbidden Planet London signing on Sept. 1, all I can say right now is that I won’t be able to do anything in advance, but if we end up staying longer than an hour at Forbidden Planet (or if no one shows up and we’re left sitting around with nothing to do), I’ll see what I can do. It’s up to the store and how quickly they want to move us along, really.


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  1. Thanks, Hiroshi! I'm setting aside one of the exclusive prints for you and I'll send it to you with your incredibly overdue commission piece. Thanks for being patient!–C

  2. Thank you very much in advance for the print! With regard to the commission, don't let it be an @$$ ache, y'hear? Between the LSH covers and more Tom Strong on the way, there'll be plenty of Sprouse goodness to brighten my day…

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