Legion of Super-Heroes Work

A rumor started a day or so ago that myself and Karl Story would be taking over the interior artwork for DC Comics’ Legion of Super-Heroes, but it’s just a rumor based on an incorrect reading of solicitation info (at least that’s my best guess). Karl and I are the regular cover artists on the book (except for issue #5, where Walter Simonson does everything) and nothing more. I love working on the Legion books and all the characters and it would certainly be nice to do some actual Legion stories again some day, but that day is not today. Sorry if the rumors confused anyone! Anyone interested in seeing me do Legion of Super-Heroes work can look above and below to see the pencil artwork for two upcoming Legion-related projects. Above is my cover art for Legion of Super-Heroes #6 (due out February 15, 2012) and below are the pencils for a cover for the Star Trek/Legion crossover book IDW is publishing. You can see the finished color art for the Legion #6 cover HERE, by the way.