Welcome to SPROUSENET!

Hi, everybody–

Welcome to the new Sprousenet, the official website/blog for comic book artist, Chris Sprouse. That’s me, incidentally–I’m running/maintaining this site myself, and whenever I can, I’ll post news about and plenty of images from past, current and future projects.

I began a blog several years ago on Blogger, but I’ve been having trouble getting that site to work the way I’d like it to in the last year or so, so I decided to pack up and move over to WordPress. Bear with me as I get everything up and running and learn the ropes here at the new place. All the old posts and images from Blogger have been transferred over and can easily be accessed from the “Archives” links on the right. I’ve also incorporated the checklist of my work and my art sales site as supplemental pages you can access from the tabs/links just underneath the header image at the top of the blog.

I should note that the old Blogger version of this site started out primarily as a way for Xan and myself to keep our families and friends up to date on our lives, something that became redundant after we both signed onto facebook along with everyone else on the planet. Now I plan to use SPROUSENET to focus on my work in the comics industry. I’ll also be able to post higher resolution images of artwork on this site than facebook generally handles.

Thanks for stopping by!



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