I’m going to get things off to a good start here on the new version of the blog by beginning to post something new at least once a week. For this week, I’ll focus on some Batman work I’ve done recently…

First up is a piece of DC licensing art I did for my editor Ben. He’d gotten tired of hearing me whine about missing working on more mainstream DC characters (no matter how much I love the Tom Strong characters and their universe, sometimes it’s just a blast to work on some of the big DC characters), so he offered me a shot at a cover-worthy Batman image. The only catch was that he needed the piece pencilled, inked and colored by the close of the next business day. I was up for the challenge and delivered my part on time:

Next up are a couple of panels from the story I’m currently drawing for DC Digital’s Legends of the Dark Knight series–nothing spectacular–just a bit of a teaser using two of my favorite panels so far. I’ll post more after the story is “published.”

This is the first time I’ve drawn Commisioner Gordon in almost twenty years!

Next time, I’ll post some of my favorite panels from the upcoming Tom Strong series, Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril.



8 thoughts on “Batman

  1. As always, great work Chris! I vividly recall that initial Commisioner Gordon artwork, too. Keep it going…

  2. Holy smoke! How do you get something like THAT done in a DAY? Just the perspective alone would take me at least two. Do you use Sketch-up to figure it out? Or do you kick it old school?

    • I pulled out some bat pictures I had in a file after doing The Return of Bruce Wayne, but that’s it–no other reference of any kind was used. I think I was just excited to be drawing Batman again.

  3. hola chris !are you willing to part with it, or can i get karl to light box it, and ink me a copy. let me know how much, your pal julio from va.

  4. Hi, Julio! Sorry–I sold that pencilled piece earlier this year. Norman Lee ended up inking the finished piece for the licensee (over a hi-rez scan of the pencils).

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