On August 23-26 I’ll be a guest again at Fan Expo Canada, a huge comics/sci-fi/horror/anime convention in Toronto. While Xan will be out on the floor meeting celebrities and cult favorites like Gillian Anderson, Christopher Lloyd and John Barrowman, I’ll be at my table scribbling away and signing for fans. Please drop by the table and say “hi!” and I’ll try to do a sketch for you if I can.

Speaking of con sketches, I usually cringe when I see my own posted on the internet. I try to do my best for everyone I meet at conventions, but sometimes sleep deprivation, noise pollution, heat, bad lighting, headaches or any number of other distractions/irritants can keep a convention drawing from looking like the work I do in my nice quiet private little temperature-controlled studio at home. If I’ve ever done a crappy sketch for you at a con, my apologies–I’ll try to do better next time. Every once in a while, though, things “click” and a relatively decent piece squeaks out. I’ve posted a few recent ones below that I’m pretty happy with.

NOTE: The Fan Expo Canada is the only convention I’ll be attending in the near future, as far as I can tell. I was hoping to be a guest at this year’s Mid-Ohio Con (now called Ohio Comic-Con and run by Wizard), a show I’ve been doing for 20 years. However, they never replied to my numerous attempts to contact them, so it looks like I’m out. I’ll still be going as a fan for one of the days just to see and talk with visiting friends, but I apologize to any who hoped to get a sketch or an autograph from me at this year’s show.



5 thoughts on “Conventions

  1. Hey Chris, the new site looks great! However, I can’t seem to enlarge your images!!! I could on the old site. Chris Sprouse art is meant to be seen enlarged! LOL!!! Looking forward to seeing you again at Fan Expo. Bring some Planet of Peril pages. I`ll bring my wallet.

    • On a Mac, you can right-click on the image, select “View Image” from the resulting popup menu, and that should take you to a larger version of the image. At least that’s what works for me. I would guess it’s a similar process for PCs, but I’ll check it out on my Windows laptop and let you know for sure. Also, all the images on the Gallery page and the Art Sales page are enlargeable with just a mouse-click, just like on the old site.

      As for artwork, I am a day or two away from posting a huge chunk of new pages on the Art Sales page, including pages from Planet of Peril, the Rocketeer story, and my Legends of the Dark Knight job for DC Digital. If you use Paypal to buy a page before the show, you can get first pick plus I’ll bring it to the con and hand it to you, so no customs delay or shipping charges! Whatever doesn’t sell on the site before Fan Expo will be on my table at the show. I hope you see something you like!

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