Action Comics Announcement

From the DC Comics Official Website:

ACTION COMICS #14 To Feature A Game-Changing Back-Up Story

Next month, Superman fans will witness an explosive and defining revelation in “Star Light, Star Bright…,” the back-up story in ACTION COMICS #14.

 Regular ACTION COMICS back-up writer Sholly Fisch welcomes aboard the stellar art team of Chris Sprouse and Karl Story for a tale that finds the Man of Steel making a mysterious trip to an observatory. But why is he there? Why would someone so well versed in other planets need the help of an observatory? We asked the back-up story’s editor Wil Moss to give us a clue as to what Superman is up to. Take it away, Wil! 

 “The back-up in ACTION COMICS #14 is a really terrific little story, but we can’t tell you much about it yet,” Moss teased. “All we can say is that it’s IMPORTANT! Historic, even! Superman has been making these regular trips to an observatory. But why? What is he searching for? Find out this November … and wait’ll you see who’s helping him!”

 Place your bets in the comments section below about what you think Superman is looking for, and don’t forget to pick up ACTION COMICS #14 when it flies into stores on November 7th.

I’m also working on backup stories for Action Comics #s 15 & 16. As part of this new assignment, I’ve gotten to draw a celebrity scientist into a story and I’ve redesigned a major character from the Superman mythos. I’ll write about it all later when it won’t spoil any storylines.


Rejects (and a few new things for sale)

I’m adding three new pieces to the art sales section today: unused fully finished pencilled versions of two pages and a cover from two recent projects I’ve been working on this year. This may inspire questions such as “why were these pages not used?” or “who made the decision not to use them?” and “why re-draw everything multiple times?” and “what the heck is wrong with you?” Well, the answer to the first three questions is that I was unhappy/unsatisfied with the finished results and decided myself to re-draw certain parts of the page. Yes, the art is drawn in pencil and theoretically erasable, but various factors such as the quality of the paper and how much I’ve already erased and redrawn parts of the page determine whether or not I erase again or just start over on a fresh piece of paper. If I start over, I use my lightbox to trace the parts I do like, so that helps the process go faster. The pages I’m putting up today are pieces I initially liked, but after living with them for a day I noticed problems I couldn’t just let go. Anyway, as anyone can tell by now, the answer to the fourth question above is that obviously I’m  f***ing nuts. I prefer to say “I’m very picky and critical of my own work, continuously pushing myself to do better…”

Whatever the case, check them out by clicking on the “Art for Sale” tab above (look in the Action Comics and Legends of the Dark Knight sections)!