Legends of the Dark Knight

As mentioned in previous posts, one of the many projects I worked on this busy year is a 30-page story for the “digital first” Batman series Legends of the Dark Knight. Today, the official DC Comics blog posted some artwork and announced digital publication dates. I’m borrowing the preview jpg for this post (above) and adding the pencil art for the same piece (the cover art for the physical print version of the story) below. This story was written by David Tischman and inked by Karl Story.

In case anyone reading this is still reluctant to take the plunge into the world of digital comics, I would recommend giving it a try this year. There are a several great platforms for reading digital comics available now, including larger-size phones and too many tablets to count, all in a wide variety of price ranges. I find comics on my phone’s display to be a little too small to read comfortably, even with all the zoom features, but I enjoy reading them on my 7″ e-reader tablet. I think the optimum viewing experience would be using a 10″ tablet, since the pages would be displayed pretty much at actual print size. Luckily, this year there are several larger tablets on the market, everything from the expensive iPad down to 9″ or 10″ e-readers that won’t break the bank. And then there are the comics themselves: check around online–virtually any comic currently in print and anything published in the past is available in one form or another, including non-U.S. series that are nearly impossible to acquire physically. I recommend the Comixology app for reading new comics on Android devices, iPads and computers, and I use an Android app called ComicRack to read .cbr and .cbz files on my tablet.



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