More Action Comics #14…

I’m pretty happy with how the Action Comics work has been turning out, so I thought I’d share some more pencil art from my first story, this time focusing on two non-Neil deGrasse Tyson pages. Action Comics #14 is on sale today, in both digital and physical formats (and even in a polybagged printed version with a download code for the digital version included). Also, I’ve recently added a few fully-finished pencil outtake pages from my first two Action stories to the art sales page…



One thought on “More Action Comics #14…

  1. It’s really a cool story with a bit of action here in the first two pages (great dialogue between Superman and his team members) and culminating in a very poignant ending. You, Story and Bellaire really delivered in the art department, (“yet again”, I loved your Rocketeer Adventures story), and great job on capturing Tyson’s likeness…

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