Legends of the Dark Knight #29

The final part of my three-part digital Batman story was released today.  Legends of the Dark Knight #29 is available from Comixology, DC Digital, the Amazon.com Kindle Store, and at Barnes & Noble’s Nook Shop. This story was written by David Tischman and inked by Karl Story.


Legends of the Dark Knight #28

The second part of my three-part digital Batman story, Legends of the Dark Knight #28, is out today. It’s available from Comixology and from DC Comics online or via their respective iOS or Android apps on tablets and phones, as well as in a Kindle edition on Amazon and in Nook form from Barnes & Noble.com.


Legends of the Dark Knight #27

DC Digital has just released part 1 of the three-part Legends of the Dark Knight story I drew. The digital comic is written by David Tischman and inked by Karl Story. It’s available at Comixolgy or via the Comixology app or DC Comics app on your iOS or android device, as well as through the Barnes & Noble Nook Store.

In a strange coincidence, way back in 1992 or ’93 I drew an issue of the original Legends of the Dark Knight comic series–issue #27!


Action Comics #15

Action Comics #15, featuring the second of four short stories I’m working on for that series, is out today. This story (written by Sholly Fisch) introduces the new version of a classic Superman villain,  Mr. Mxyzptlk, and takes place mostly in another dimension. I drew the eight-page short in a kind of storybook illustration style, with a healthy dose of Winsor McCay added, suggested by the surreal nature of some of the scenes and scenery. Editor Wil Moss asked me to design the new Mr. Mxyzptlk and his supporting cast, and you can see those finished designs at the top and bottom of this post (a rejected version of the design for the Royal Court can be found on the art sales section of this site). Inker Karl Story and colorist Jordie Bellaire did some amazing work on this one, and I think the finished product looks quite beautiful!

Out tomorrow: the first chapter of the DC Digital Legends of the Dark Knight story that I drew.