Art Sales Update

I’ve just finished cleaning up the art sales part of this site, fixing many, many broken image links and adding some new pieces. The last two pages of my final Action Comics backup story are now listed, and so is the complete set of layouts for all the backup stories (the huge stack of layouts is pictured above and some sample pages can be viewed on the art sales page). More pages will be listed in the coming weeks. Also, expect some Tom Strong news soon!



Action Comics #17

Believe it or not, my name is actually associated with another Superman book this month: Action Comics #17, which is on sale today. I illustrated another really nice little 8-page story in the back of the comic, again written by Sholly Fisch, inked by Karl Story and colored by Jordie Bellaire. It’s a sweet little piece (even though it does contain the panel above) centering on Clark Kent and his adoptive father Jonathan. This issue was supposed to be the last of writer Grant Morrison’s run and my last as artist on the backup stories, but Grant extended his stay by one more issue. So, we’ve got one more 8-pager, but that will be the final one.