Batman Annual #14

Untitled-2 copy

After a fan asked me at this weekend’s Motor City ComicCon, I rooted around today in my stack of original artwork to find some old pages to scan and post. Imagine my surprise when I found a small stash of pages form my 1990 Batman Annual! This was one of my very first jobs in comics–possibly my 4th or 5th story–so I can typically barely stand to look at them! Still, it was a neat surprise. I don’t really need to keep them anymore, though, so I’m posting them on the art sales page of this site.


Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #2

TSTRONG_Cv2_col_2_rev_4_sm The second issue of the new Tom Strong mini-series has now been solicited: Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #2 is scheduled to hit shelves on August 28. Above is the color art for the cover of issue #2 (inked by Karl Story and colored by Jordie Bellaire); while my pencil art can be seen below.

TS Planet #2 Cover