Superman Celebration

A few weeks ago I was a guest at the 2013 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. The Celebration was a four day Superman extravaganza thrown by the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce in the town square. The square itself was delightful, with a giant Superman statue at one end, a life-size Lois Lane statue at the other. Townspeople and visitors could shop for Superman merchandise, meet actors from several of the Man of Steel’s Hollywood incarnations, take part in Superman-themed contests, eat fair food and watch Superman movies. For comic fans, there was an artists alley set up in a building across from the Lois Lane statue, with past and present Superman comic artists like Ron Frenz, Brett Breeding, Art Balthazar, Jim Hall and myself in attendance. Click HERE to go to the Superman Fan Podcast website, where you can download a podcast featuring interviews with all of the artists, recorded during the Celebration.

Xan and I had a great time and were treated wonderfully by the Celebration staff and all the fans who came out to see us.

Below are some photos snapped by Xan:



One thought on “Superman Celebration

  1. Hey Chris!  New commission list any time soon?  You did an amazing Dark Phoenix out in space for me about two years ago and I’ve been hoping to add a Batman piece from you to my collection for some time.  If you have time for this sort of thing in the near future, I’d be very interested.  Very excited about the new Tom Strong book coming out soon!    Best to you and yours! Jimmy Lawrence


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