New Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril Preview

DC Comics/Vertigo has posted a new preview of the first issue of the new Tom Strong series. Click HERE to see the cover, variant cover and the first five story pages lettered and in color. Pictured above is another color page, this one featuring a flashback to the first meeting of Tom Strong and his Terra Obscura counterpart, Tom Strange. Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #1 will be in stores this Wednesday.


Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #4

It looks like DC solicited the latest issue of Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril today–superhero truckers vs. crazy bikers! Above is the temporary partially inked color art (done just for the solicitation listing) and below is my pencil art. Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #4 goes on sale October 23.

NOTE: a larger higher-rez version of this cover (and other Planet of Peril covers) can be seen on the Sprousenet Gallery page.


Art Sale!

Okay: it’s time again for an art sale! From now until July 31, all the art listed on my art sales page is on sale for 40% off the price shown (unless it’s listed as $40 or below, and if that’s the case, it’s already so cheap that you would have bought it already if you really wanted it).



Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril Preview

Comic Book Resources posted an interview with Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril writer Peter Hogan today, along with a very brief color preview of the first issue (the completed cover is shown above). Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #1 goes on sale July 31.

Update: Newsarama is getting in on the Planet of Peril promotion, too. Click HERE to see their coverage, which includes a different interview with Peter Hogan.

And HERE‘s another interview with Peter, this time on, as well as DC Comics/Vertigo’s own promo for the series.


Digital Comics

If you haven’t started reading comics digitally, you might be surprised to learn just how many comics are available in the digital format these days. I was updating my checklist page today and I decided to add a list of comics I’ve drawn that are available digitally. It turned out to be a pretty long list, including the complete runs of the original Tom Strong series, as well as Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom, Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye and Number of the Beast. And that’s in addition to dozens of single issues (Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1), short stories (Rocketeer Adventures 2 #3) and digital first comics (Legends of the dark Knight #27 – 29).

I’m certainly not advocating abandoning your comics retailer for digital collecting, but I do find myself reading more comics these days precisely because it’s easier to carry around huge numbers of them on my tablet, which I usually have with me everywhere I go, and I can pull them up and read them any time I want to. I’ve also been using my tablet to pull up digital comics for reference purposes while doing sketches at conventions–very handy!