Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #3 Preview

DC Comics/Vertigo has posted a preview of the new issue of the new Tom Strong mini-series, both on their own website and on various comics sites around the web. Click HERE to see the final lettered color cover and the first five pages of the book at Comic Book Resources. I’ve posted two more color pages above and below. Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril #3 goes on sale Wednesday.


New Art for Sale!

I just added a bunch of new pages to the art sales page of this site, including several from my upcoming Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) short story for the Fables Original Graphic Novel Fairest: In all the Land, as well as some new Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril covers and interior pages. Check it all out by clicking on the “Art for Sale” tab near the top of this page.


Adventures of Superman


Some of you may have heard that earlier this year I was supposed to draw the first issue of the new Adventures of Superman comic…

Well, it didn’t happen. No pages were ever drawn for the story, but I did do a cover which was judged a…um..not-quite-first-issue effort (I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment, by the way) and was shelved for later use. This week, that star-crossed cover finally made it into print…sort of…it was used as the cover for the digital version of Adventures of Superman #19. An actual printed comic with this cover will appear later this year. I’ve posted the final color cover art above and the pencil art below.

AdventureComics01_Cover_pencils copy