Batman ’66


After the previous post, I realized I hadn’t mentioned another cover I’ve had published recently, a variant cover for Batman ’66 #4. The inked art is shown above, the pencil version below. Personally, I think I relied to heavily on the photo reference, leading to a too stiff drawing overall. However, it was a bit of a rush job, so it could have been worse! I do love Karl Story’s ink work on the cape, though. If you happen to like my depiction of TV’s caped crusader, then you might be pleased to know I’m working on more Batman ’66 material right now!

Batman66 Issue4 Variant Cover Pencils


Superman Unchained


I drew a variant cover for Superman Unchained #4 which was published last week. I had no idea it was out until I signed a bunch of copies this weekend at the Akron Comicon, so I’m posting about it a week late. I was asked to depict the ’80s era Superman, and since my favorite part of the ’80s Byrne Superman run was his version of Krypton, I came up with the image you see above (in color, and below in its pencil form).

Superman Unchained Variant Cover Pencils sm