New Art For Sale!


I’ve added a bunch of new pages and drawings to the “Art for Sale” section of the site, artwork from my recent Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman story and my S.H.I.E.L.D. issue, plus a bunch of other pieces from The Flash #25, Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril and a couple of prelims. Check it out by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


Original Art Sale!

Once again, I’ve decided to have a year-end original art sale. So from now until 12AM January 1, all original artwork shown on the “Art For Sale” section of this site will be 30% off the listed price! Click on the tab at the top of the page to shop.


New Art for Sale!

I’ve just added loads of new pieces to the art sales page of this site, including pages from Multiversity, Batman ’66 and The Flash #25. There are even several pages still in fully finished pencil form! Check it out by clicking HERE or on the “Art for Sale” tab under the header of this page.


Multiversity Day

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes is out now at all fine comics shops and through all the major digital comics retailers–go get it! If you’re still not convinced, click HERE for a full-color lettered preview of the first five pages of the book, courtesy of


Multiversity News Roundup

Multiversity 02 Cover_color revised

Lots of Multiversity news over the last week or two. Links are below. You can see the color art for the cover above (done in a pulp magazine style by the always awesome Dave McCaig) and my pencil art is below. I’ve also added my character designs for the Society of Super-Heroes to the Gallery page of this site, which you can reach by clicking on the “Gallery” tab at the top of this page.

Comic Book Resources – SDCC Panel

Newsarama – SDCC Panel

Entertainment Weekly

Multiversity 02 Cover


Multiversity Art Tease

This almost slipped past me:Action Comics 031 025Some of last week’s DC Comics included a two page teaser for Multiversity in their back pages, and up in the upper left corner you can see two panels from my issue (the green ones). The art is reproduced from a very light copy of my pencils so it looks a little rough, but hey–maybe I’m just being picky…


Multiversity & Sensation Comics

I’ve already posted this on my facebook fan page, but in case you’re only reading this blog and not a facebook person:

Two new projects I’m drawing are in the news. First up: Multiversity (written by Grant Morrison with each issue featuring a different artist) was officially solicited for late August. My issue (#2) will be out in September and I‘ll post the concrete info here when I have it. For now, click below to see the solicitation info via Newsarama for Multiversity #1, including art that shows the Green Lantern character from my issue, designed by Grant and myself (he started it with a rough color pencil sketch and I drew a final design before starting on pages).

Another new DC Comics series I’m involved with has been officially announced: Sensation Comics, a Wonder Woman Digital First anthology series. Click below to read about this new comic via DC’s official site. I’m excited about this particular project because I’ve only drawn Wonder Woman in three panels over the course of my career and because WW is Xan’s favorite DC character. As usual, I’ll post more info and art when I can!

Batman ’66 Art for Sale

I’ve just listed some pencil art from Batman ’66 Issue #29 (digital)/Issue #9 (print) in the “Art for Sale” section of this site. The page in question was completed in pencil, scanned by me and sent electronically to Karl Story who inked it on a blueline printout. If that makes no sense to you, then please disregard it and just rest assured that this is the actual pencil art used for page 9 of my Batman ’66 story. An additional page of pencil art featuring variations on the original panels (used in the digital publication of this story) will be included. Check the piece out by clicking on the “ART FOR SALE” tab at the top of this page.


Batman ’66 #29

This one almost slipped by me: Batman ’66 #29 featuring a short story illustrated by myself and Karl Story will be available digitally on Wednesday from Comixology and wherever else you get your digital comics. The story will be physically published on March 19 as part of the print version of Batman ’66 issue #9. Hope that makes sense: self-contained digital story out on Wednesday, print version published as a backup story in Batman ’66 #9. If you want to see a preview of some of the lettered color art from the story, click HERE.