Art Sale–EVERYTHING 50% Off!


Starting today, everything listed on the “Art For Sale” page of this site is 50% off the listed price. I’ve cut back on my conventions and public appearances, and that’s traditionally been where the bulk of my art sales occur. I’m running out of space in the studio to store artwork and constantly producing more, so it’s time to really move out some original pages! You’ll find lots of inked pages from Black Panther, Thors (above), Tom Strong, Ocean and other Marvel and DC series. There are also loads of original pages still in pencil form (exactly as I turn them in to my editor/hand them over to the inker) from Daredevil, Captain America and various other comics I’ve drawn. Click on the “Art For Sale” link in the header of this blog to go see every single piece I have for sale. Scroll down to the bottom of that page for purchase info.

A couple of notes: First, since people have already asked, there is currently no artwork from my recent Star Wars jobs for sale. There will be eventually, just not right now–it’s complicated. Second, I’m still spending what little spare time I have (usually none) finishing up an existing set of commissions and can’t in good conscience take on any more commissions until I clear off that long outstanding list. Please don’t ask about new commissions–I’ll definitely post here when the list is open again. Thanks!



Pencil Art 50% Off Sale (and more)!


Starting today, every pencil page on the art sales page is 50% off the listed price! I’ve also listed a few new inked pieces, including the Black Panther cover shown below. Go to the art sales page of this site to see everything for sale. All the pencil pages should have the word “pencils” next to the page number in the listing.


Hundreds of New Pages for Sale!

bp 06 p21I just added hundreds of new pages of original art to the art sales section of this site. All of my Jupiter’s Circle 2 pages are listed, as well as some new Thors and S.H.I.E.L.D. pages and even some Midnighter art from 2007. Finally, I’ve also listed all of the Black Panther original art I have, like the splash page of Luke Cage and The Crew seen above). Click on the “Art For Sale” link under the heading at the top of the page to see it all! And remember, you can click on each thumbnail and see a larger version of each piece. Purchase info can be found at the bottom of the art sales page.


More Thors Art for Sale!


Many, many new Thors pages have been added to the ‘Art for Sale” section of this site. Click on the link under the header to be taken to the sales page where you’ll be able to see (and buy) pages from the first three issues of Thors–some in pencil, most inked, plus a character design piece!


Thors Art For Sale!

I just added several pencil pages and a cover from the Thors series I’m drawing for Marvel Comics to the art sales page. There’s even a double page spread up for sale that you won’t see anywhere else because I redrew it for the final printed comic (and it was quite a drastic revision, almost nothing like this version in any way). All of these particular pages were scanned and emailed to inker Karl Story who printed them out and inked them on separate sheets of bristol board, a common time-saving practice in this business. Click on the “Art For Sale” link at the top of this page to see the new art!


New Art For Sale!


I’ve added a bunch of new pages and drawings to the “Art for Sale” section of the site, artwork from my recent Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman story and my S.H.I.E.L.D. issue, plus a bunch of other pieces from The Flash #25, Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril and a couple of prelims. Check it out by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


Original Art Sale!

Once again, I’ve decided to have a year-end original art sale. So from now until 12AM January 1, all original artwork shown on the “Art For Sale” section of this site will be 30% off the listed price! Click on the tab at the top of the page to shop.


New Art for Sale!

I’ve just added loads of new pieces to the art sales page of this site, including pages from Multiversity, Batman ’66 and The Flash #25. There are even several pages still in fully finished pencil form! Check it out by clicking HERE or on the “Art for Sale” tab under the header of this page.


Multiversity Day

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes is out now at all fine comics shops and through all the major digital comics retailers–go get it! If you’re still not convinced, click HERE for a full-color lettered preview of the first five pages of the book, courtesy of